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Aluminium water cooling heatsink

We are specialized Aluminium water cooling heatsink manufacturers & suppliers/factory from China. Wholesale Aluminium water cooling heatsink with high quality as low price/cheap, one of the Aluminium water cooling heatsink leading brands from China,Zhenjiang Yopo electronic Science and technology Co., Ltd.
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    1. In appearance, the electronic radiator adopts an unusual product shape design. The heat pipe radiators not only make the heat pipe radiator look very compact, but also ensure the working characteristics of the heat pipe radiator, which is the structure. Simplicity is good for operation. 2. In the application characteristics of raw materials, the insert-type radiator uses aluminum as an important metal composite material, which has a lower density than other metal composite materials. The pneumatic ball valve is relatively soft overall, which promotes the ordinary installation and maintenance of the insert-type radiator. More and more time and effort are saved.

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