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Why choose aluminum alloy radiator for radiator
2022-05-13 10:59:12

      Why choose aluminum alloy radiator for radiator?

      The purpose of the aluminum alloy heat sink is not only to build a complete and sturdy frame for electronic products, but also to help the internal CPU to dissipate heat, thereby ensuring a safe working environment for electronic products during operation.

      The heat dissipation method of aluminum alloy is to transfer the internal heat into the air to dissipate heat through the aluminum alloy. The thermal strength of aluminum metal is 2.277W/Kg°C. Non-standard special series of radiators and various radiator accessories. The material is aluminum alloy 6063.

      However, with the development of technology, new radiators also appear in our field of vision, such as air-cooled radiators and water-cooled radiators. These active radiators have a noticeable cooling effect and are gradually gaining popularity among many people.