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The late stage of processing and oxidation of the profile radiator cannot be ignored
2022-03-31 08:47:28

      The late stage of processing and oxidation of the profile radiator cannot be ignored

      Oxidation is an indispensable process in the deep processing of profile radiators, but most people may think that the deep processing of profile radiators can be done after oxidation treatment. Effect.

      In the subsequent process of oxidation treatment of aluminum radiator, the following points must be paid attention to:

      (1) The purpose of rinsing the profile radiator with hot water is to age the film layer. The water temperature and time should be strictly controlled. If the water temperature is too high, the film layer will be thinned and the color will become lighter.

      (2 The profile radiator should be dried naturally, and the workpiece washed with hot water is hung on the shelf, so that the free water on the working surface flows downward in a vertical direction. The color of the film layer dried in this way will not be affected, and it will appear natural.

      (3) The aging method of the aluminum profile radiator can be determined according to the climatic conditions. In summer, it can be exposed to sunlight, and it can be baked in an oven in rainy days or winter.

      (4) The unqualified conductive oxide film parts should be picked out before the drying and aging process, because the film layer is difficult to remove after drying and aging and will affect the roughness of the workpiece surface.

      The deep processing of aluminum radiator is very technical in each processing process of production, so it is necessary to strictly grasp each link in processing.