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A new manufacturing process of steel radiator suddenly appeared
2019-03-12 09:48:06

      After steel tube radiator comes out in Europe, with its exalted and elegant, rich and colorful appearance all the rage world.In 1998, the ministry of construction and China construction machinery corporation took the lead in introducing the European sende steel pipe radiator into China, its exquisite technology, high-grade quality, gorgeous appearance and expensive price, make businesses and consumers find everything new and fresh, by millions of people's love and reputation.Now this kind of product has become one of the best-selling radiator market products, the ministry of construction to develop industry standards for this type of products.So steel tube radiator as advocated by the ministry of construction to promote the main radiator products, is also the highest market share in China at present the radiator.

       After several years of practical use, people found that the steel pipe radiator is defective, is the steel pipe radiator installation after a period of time, easy to appear in the weld leakage problem.After careful analysis, the experts found that there are two main reasons: first, objective factors, this imported product is not completely in line with China's national conditions, China's current heating operation management is not standardized, heating water quality is not good, the oxygen content of water is high, easy to oxidation corrosion of steel;The second subjective factor is that this imported product is made of thin steel plate through roll-compression welding process, with too many welding spots and too long welding seam.(1) the head (that is, water separator) is made of two thin steel plate respectively rolled and then welded into shape, the natural formation of the head of a week weld, including the head of the top easy to water at the weld;(2) vertical pipe is made of thin steel plate rolled into a tube, with the method of welding seam welded steel pipe;(3) the standpipe and the head of a single piece of the heat sink;The connection between the radiator sheet is also welded, and finally formed into groups of radiator.In the heating period, often not full water operation, the upper head will appear air layer;After the heating is stopped, the water will be empty, and there will be residual water in the bottom head, which is difficult to drain.Therefore, the upper and lower head of the weld is the most vulnerable to corrosion.It can be seen that it is the welding manufacturing process of the steel tube radiator that leads to many welding spots and long welding seams.To prevent the corrosion of radiator leakage, manufacturers have studied a variety of remedial measures, such as the use of a variety of coatings in the internal steel radiator corrosion, in the radiator plus magnesium rod Yang plate protection corrosion, etc., can not fundamentally solve the problem of corrosion leakage.Make can active anticorrosive radiator became passive anticorrosive originally.

       By the ministry of the radiator industry experts used to introduce the most advanced European steel pipe radiator, today Shanghai dint heating equipment co., LTD. Jointly with this batch of experts persevering fluctuate from manufacturing process, launch Long Tan brand precision cast steel radiator, it is in view of the original imported products solder joint quality defects such as weld long easy corrosion of major improvements.The main performance is: the use of different steel materials, steel thickness, different manufacturing process, the number of different welding joints, the result of the corrosion resistance is stronger.To be specific, the head of the original imported product was made of two pieces of steel plates with a thickness of 1.5mm and then respectively pressed and formed by welding. The welding seam of the first week of the head naturally formed, including the welding seam at the top of the head which is prone to water accumulation.The 1.25mm steel plate for the vertical pipe is rolled into cylindrical shape and welded into steel pipe;Then the standpipe and the head are welded into a single piece of the radiator;The final piece and between the pieces of the re-welding molding, forming a complete radiator.The new product first changes the welded tip into precision cast steel, which is made of 2.7mm rare-earth modified cast steel.Secondly, the welded welded steel tubes are changed into 1.5mm high quality low-carbon seamless steel tubes.Then the head and seamless steel pipe are combined and pressurized by an automatic flash welder to form a radiator.At last, the weld joint of the sheet and the sheet was changed to be connected with ribbed wire buckle to form a complete radiator group.

       This new manufacturing process, so that the corrosion of the total length of the solder joint welding seam reduced by 95-98%, especially the most easy to water radiator tip at both ends of the precision cast steel, which fundamentally avoid the steel radiator weld, weld long quality defects, from the fundamental solution to the steel radiator easy corrosion easy leakage problem.Precision cast steel radiator has retained all the characteristics of steel tube radiator (light weight, high pressure, high heat, energy saving, environmental protection, beautiful appearance, etc.), and integrated the advantages of cast iron radiator, but also choose better, more corrosion resistant equivalent to 20 boiler steel steel as raw materials.It completely abandoned the domestic common use of the radiator coating anti-corrosion method, and directly choose a casting of precision cast steel to anti-corrosion and anti-leakage, doubled the number of years of anti-corrosion and anti-leakage.Not only that, it than the same industry standard heat dissipation 10% higher --30%, the pressure increased 20%, steel thickness increased 20%--80%, and many of the characteristics of energy conservation and environmental protection.It has retained the light weight of steel tube radiator namely, high pressure, high heat, energy-saving, environmental protection, appearance is beautiful wait for an advantage, shirt-sleeve cast iron radiator again a lot of strong points, it is a kind of completely new innovative product, from now on the development process that steel makes radiator will enter the 2nd generation.The use of high quality steel of new products, the increase of wall thickness and the great reduction of solder joints and welds make the new products greatly reduce the erodible parts compared with the original imported products.Tested by the university of science and technology of China, it can withstand 20 years of continuous corrosion and has a theoretical service life of 60 years.Is not to take any passive anti - corrosion measures of durable active anti - corrosion products.

       Precision cast steel radiator is specially researched and developed by China's radiator industry experts on the basis of years of industry management experience, in order to adapt to the national conditions, absorbing the advantages of China's traditional cast iron radiator.In view of the shortcomings of the original introduced products, the new product after r & d pilot test, the success of major improvements.It not only retains the main characteristics and advantages of foreign steel pipe radiator, but also greatly improves the anti-corrosion ability by innovating the manufacturing process and improving the steel properties.By the university of science and technology of China detection, continuous uninterrupted corrosion of the case, 20 years without corrosion leakage.Precision cast steel radiator is high quality low price, more suitable for high-rise buildings, high-end apartments, villas and office buildings.The introduction of the original welding process products, once led the advance of the Chinese steel radiator, cast steel radiator will create the steel radiator again brilliant, the trend of the future will be no concept of cast steel radiator era.We firmly believe that the brand is influenced by excellent quality, not by advertising. Well-known products are not necessarily advanced in science and technology, because the society advances in science and technology and new products will emerge in an endless stream.