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Application characteristics of logic valves
2019-03-12 09:48:06

      In the selection of logic valve, should be based on the flow required by the system, greater than or equal to 200l/min when the choice of two plug valve, less than 20l/min choose threaded plug logic valve.Cartridge assembly of the spool with and without a tail form, with a tail buffer and throttle and so on.Spool has a variety of area ratio to choose from, the spring also has a variety of stiffness to choose from, so as to achieve a variety of open pressure.

      Some domestic cartridge assemblies have o-rings between the spool and the sleeve to ensure sealing but slow response.There are various diameters of damping holes in the control cover plate and valve core. Large damping holes have fast response speed, but large impact, and small damping holes are vice versa.If the action of the logic valve will affect the function of the system successively, the diameter of the damping hole should be selected carefully.There are many types of control cover, which should be carefully selected according to the system.

      When designing the valve block, the locating hole of the upper cover plate should be drawn and the code of each oil port should be marked for assembly and maintenance.Should be based on the flow and pressure of the system and its flow-pressure curve selection, too small will often cause too much system pressure loss, make the system heat, if the selection is too large, will make the system huge, resulting in economic waste.

      Logic valve has two kinds of sealing materials available, fluorine rubber seal is suitable for phosphatide medium, nitrile rubber seal is suitable for mineral oil medium.

Logic valve because of its high pressure and large flow characteristics is particularly suitable for the rapid hydraulic valve drive device, there are mature logic valve products at home and abroad, its application prospects in the rapid hydraulic valve drive device is broad.