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Introduction to the shape of the finned radiator or finned radiator
2022-05-27 16:49:07

      Introduction to the shape of the finned radiator or finned radiator

      Why are there so many shapes of radiators? There are various shapes of aluminum radiators on the market. Which shape of radiator is suitable?

      Insert radiator, fin radiator, etc. In fact, there is no strict distinction. Take the plug-in radiator as an example: It is to insert a piece of paper-like alloy material on a flat base. This plug-in radiator is mostly used on various mechanical circuit boards. The production process of the chip radiator with this flat base is relatively simple, so it is widely used in various electrical appliances, such as CNC machine tools, soft starters, frequency converters, etc.

      The finned radiator is a little more complicated, and the shape of its base is various, including arc type, solid circle, hollow circle, solid square and other shapes. Due to this complex shape, the cost in design and production is relatively high, and it is generally used in places with high heat dissipation requirements.

      With the advent of the Internet era, the original form of mass production in the industrial era has gradually been broken, and various personalized electronic products with strange shapes have been continuously launched. These electronic products often have extremely high requirements for the use of shape and space. It also poses a new challenge to the design of the aluminum radiator. For aluminum radiators, there is no best shape, only the most suitable shape.