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Electronic radiator double pipe connection needs attention
2022-04-07 11:28:36

      Is the electronic radiator connected by two pipes? what to watch out for

      The electronic radiator is a double tube. This connection method is more complicated, but it is very convenient to adjust the combination of each radiator. Generally speaking, the main pipe is installed at the top of the room, and each radiator is connected to the horizontal main pipe through a vertical bar, which is convenient for system adjustment and maintenance. The existing problem is that there are too many indoor pipes, which affects the decoration, the air in the system is not easy to discharge, and it is easy to generate pipe water flow noise. For example, the height of 300mm, 400mm, 500mm and other radiator specifications gz206 steel double-column radiator, these are customized according to customer needs, are not common specifications.

      Customers need to contact the steel radiator manufacturer to arrange production in advance. The single tube of the electric heating piece is connected in series to dissipate heat, the method is simple, and the tube diameter is saved. However, correspondingly, the electronic radiator (especially the terminal) needs to be increased, and the temperature of each room cannot be adjusted independently. The system resistance is large, and the boiler outlet water temperature is required to be high. The single-tube series spanning tube not only solves the independent control problem of the respective radiators, but also solves the above-mentioned other problems, and also adds a radiator bypass device.